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Providing you with all appropriate measures for your mailing services.

Mailing Is What We Do.

Direct mail remains the leader in marketing and has a proven track record of success.

Direct mail needs to be done right and tailored to fit your marketing plan to produce responses. With our experience and expertise in the industry, you can feel confident that things will be done right, on time and in compliance with the United States Postal Service’s mailing regulations. We work all the angles to ensure you receive the lowest postage rate available. We guide you and help you get the most out of your marketing dollars.

As a full-service marketing company, we provide turnkey marketing solutions, including mailing list, artwork design, print and mail service. If you only need a mailing list or design or print or mail services, CSP can provide those options also. Just let us know, what you need, and we will take care of the rest!


Postage rates and options are a big part of your direct mail campaign. We’re here to take the hassle away from you.

CSP offers several different postage “types”

  • Stamp
  • Stamp & Cancel
  • Meter Mark (Red or Black)
  • Indicia (Printed Postage Mark see on bulk Mail)

Postage marks are chosen by the client. Things to consider:

  • Cost – to place stamps, cancellation and meter marks are additional process that require additional resources.
  • If the letter or mail piece is personal, a stamp looks less like bulk mail and more like personal mail. The stamp and cancellation gives the impression the mail traveled as a single mail piece with a specific message intended for the addressee.

Postage Costs

  • Postage costs are determined by the USPS. The USPS provides discounts based on the sort of the mailing list, the saturation of the mailing list and the USPS location the mail is dropped.
  • CSP does not mark up postage. A postal receipt is available on request at the time of invoice or anytime afterwards for all mail job processed by CSP Group LLC.


Before the mail is taken to the post office the mail is sorted into the order of which it will be delivered. This is an activity that the post office performs everyday with all mail. Since the mail is “pre-sorted”, the USPS provides discounts for presorted mai

Machine Fold

Almost all mail is folded using a fold machine.  A folding machine is a device used to fold paper, usually for mailings. By taking much of the manual labor out of the process, a folding machine can turn out material for a mass mailing in minutes rather than hours — and prevent painful paper cuts, too.

Presorted Bulk Rate Postage – 2018

Although we handle the heavy lifting, here is some information and common questions we answer:

USPS Presort is a discount for customers who sort their mail before sending it off to USPS. It offers a sliding scale of discounts based on service level, mail shape, and weight.

It is difficult to wrap all postage variations up into a few tables.

These tables only reflect a the most common postage used for direct mail.

Postage is calculated using software approved by the USPS and the exact postage is not known until the data is processed. Estimated postage will be close and estimates from CSP are always quoted on the high side. Be aware some companies estimate projects with the lowest postage cost to earn the bid, as many of us only review the total costs. Be sure to consider this “hidden” cost when comparing quotes. It is CSP policy to process projects with integrity and transparency.

Please contact us for parcel or co-mingle postage costs.

Postage can be complicated to compute. As some mail may qualify for 1 rate and other mail within the same job will qualify for a slightly different rate.

CSP is well versed in postage literature and works to provide you the very lowest postage rate by analyzing all the angles. When it makes sense to deliver your mail across country via “Commercial-Trucking” vs dropping mail off at the closest USPS location to the mail house, we will raise our hand and provide you the option. This is only 1 example of many difference scenarios, where additional postage costs can be avoided. Sure it takes additional time and effort to perform these postage cost analysis. But we think your business is worth the extra time and effort.

Data Hygiene

CSP will take your existing mail list and scrub the data for inaccuracies, compare the data to the USPS for address accuracy.

The data list is compared to the USPS change of address data base. If the addressee has moved and a change of address was filed with the USPS, the mail address will be updated in the data file to ensure the correct address is used when the mail piece is printed and mailed.


Match inserting personalized material can sometimes require hand insertion to ensure the name and information printed on the letter matches the name and information printed on the outer envelope.

Generic printed materials are inserted using an insert machine.


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